Iscuss the asessment of need in relation to the personal and social context of a specific service user

Assessment of need of Agnes, what are her needs.
Look at her personal contextand place in wider context.
Show how assessment is part of the whole process.
What module of assessment would be used?
Where is Agnes in her life span?
Mention the following, Depression & mental health act, community care act,
Key Themes.
Attachment, seperation and loss
Social Work through the life course
Social Network Analysis.

Marking Criteria.
An understanding of general approaches, models and principles in the assessment process in social work.25%
Identification and application of relevent policy and legislation in relation to the assessment of individual needs 25 %
An understanding of the Code of Practice and its application together with a consideration of ethical issues and anti-oppressive practice 25%
A clear argument and presentation of information with use of relevant literature appropriately referenced in the text 25%
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