Iscuss the assertion that strategy is in crisis as Wilson and Jarzabkowski(2004,p.14) suggest

Provide a sound introduction, discussion and conclusion.Form a coherent argument. Introduce as many perspectives to the topic as possible. Support analysis with evidence.This may be drawn from any publised source, but particularly academic peer reviewed articles and texts. Credit will also be given for practical illustrations ie contemporary industry events to support or refute academic positons.

Use an essay, dont use headings and preferably do not use diagrams or appendices. Essay is to be word processed in format ( font: times new roman; size 12; double spaced).
Include a bibliography. this should include all references made to published sources and list any other sources that you have read and that have influenced your thinking but you have not refered to in your essay. Use the harvard style of referencing.( very important). I will fax through a couple of articles tommorrow please provide me with a fax number ASAP