Iscuss the attempt of any thinker(s) on this course to answer the question What is Literture?

The requirements fot the essay need to be that it is an in depth study on at least two thinkers, possibly ones whos thoughts disagree or clash with one another.

As well as good spelling and grammar, as well as an academic attitude, it needs to flow well from beginning to end and mnaybe attempt to bring in outside factors such as the time in which people were writing and what the environment socially and theologically and ecientifically etc.
This is a literature and philosophy course which aims to find out how different thinkers place the importance of philosophy against literature as well as striving to find the equilibrium of the two.

We have studied specific texts by philosophists:

plato, the republic
heidegger, what are poets for
Blanchot, reading kafka
derrida, demuere

I also need to back up any claims written from any other secondary sources about literature and philosophy