Iscuss the benefits and disadvantages of a fast food diet

1. The essay should have ( introduction + body + conclusion).
2. Use double line spacing and size 12 font in Times New Roman. Use page numbers.
3. Use underlined headings: Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion, Appendix, References.
4. Use in-text referencing with the Harvard system.
5. All cited sources must be listed in the reference list. The minimum requirement is 2 books, 2 web sites and 2 scientific journals.
6. You must have at least two (2) relevant diagrams/ tables or graphs and information from this relevant diagram/table or graph must be used successfully to support the discussion of your essay.
7. Diagrams and tables must be suitably discussed in the body of the text and NOT just referred to as
a?See figure 1a? or a?Refer diagram 2a?. Use the numbering system of Figure 1, Figure 2 etc for figures and Table 1, Table 2 etc for tables.
8. All diagrams/tables/graphs must appear as an appendix after the body of the assignment but before the reference list and must be correctly referenced and included in the reference list. Diagrams must have suitable titles.
9. Tables are labelled at the top of the diagram and Figures are labelled underneath.