Iscuss the biology of Alzheimers disease

This is an essay for a second year University Biology unit. The word limit is 600 words.

I require a very experienced biology writer to write me an A+ paper, for the level of complexity required for a 2nd year biology essay (which is why Ive opted to pay for someone with a Masters level of experience to ensure the best grade). MY WRITER SHOULD HAVE ENGLISH AS THEIR FIRST LANGUAGE, so that their writing reflects this.

I will provide a key reference which must be used, but other than that, THE OTHER REFERENCE MATERIAL SHOULD BE AS RECENT AS POSSIBLE JOURNAL ARTICLES ARE BEST.

I will also attach some essay writing protocol slides for the course. I imagine many things for an experienced biology writer will be obvious, but they may help clarify anything that isnt.

Thankyou 🙂