Iscuss the claim that film theory deepens the viewers understanding of cinema, using the film Memento (2000) by Christopher Nolan to argue your case.

Essay should start off with explaining What is Film Theoryand end off with a thesis statement (the objective of this essay) which is ultimately to discuss How film theories help to deepen viewers understanding towards Cinema.”

Body of essay Explain how Bordwell, Christian Metzs Threefold Machine, Deleuzes Movement Image and Time Image and Baudrys theories help to deepen the viewers understanding of Cinema using the film Memento (2000) by Christopher Nolan to support your argument.

May also include concepts like Puzzle Plot”

Conclusion Summarise your main arguments, final sentence in conclusion should answer the essay question again.

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Note: This essay covers Topic 1 to 4 for the module. I have attached the essential readings for Topic 1 to 4, hope they would be helpful. Do note that aside from these essential readings, the essay requires 6 external scholarly papers as references. Thank you.

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Hello there, I have uploaded the marking criteria. It may be helpful as a guide!