Iscuss the concept of xeno-racism in the context of the war against terror


This essay should have introduction, main part and conclusion. Its better to use only legal sources like books, journal articles and reports. The footnotes should be for each source with the page number on the each page.


First part (after introduction):
Define xeno-racism; what is it about?

Second part:
Define xeno-racism in the context on the war on terror antimuslim

Third part:
How has xeno-racism helped new conservatives and labour to justify invading Iraq, Afghanisatan and extraditing people?
How has it generally been used to justify torture or war on Afghanistan?
Within part three state; USA has gone from saying the war has gone frombeing a war due to weapons of mass destruction to being a war on terror.

How these processes have been drawn in by xeno-racism? make the links
My deadline is on 17 of August.