Iscuss the conflict of range and love in Scorched

My topic is : Discuss the conflict of range and love in Schorched

Please make sure you use the book Scorchedby Wajdi Mouawad only and no other refrence this is very important Admins comment: ONLY THIS SOURCE!!!!

i have my thesis statement please make the essay base on this:

Nawals internal conflict between anger and love has prevented her being able To break the threadof anger that had trapped the woman in her family. Nawals struggle to break the vicious cycle can be explained by her love toward her children,her anger and rage toward her children, and by her silence through out the story (so my 3 main point should be her love toward children , her anger toward them and the reason for her silence ) and the last one is: childrens attitude towards Nawal in the situations mentioned about: her love attitude, her anger attitude and her silence.