Iscuss the consequences of the 1979 Iranian Revolution for democracy, freedom, and justice in Iran.

You could choose between the two topics below

1. What forces and processes, internal and/or external, have contributed to the contemporary resurgence of political Islam in the Middle East?
2. Discuss the consequences of the 1979 Iranian Revolution for democracy, freedom, and justice in Iran.

This is a term paper, worth much of the course grade. It is to be written in full compliance with APA format; this paper requires information drawn from eight sources, two books and six peer-reviewed journal articles. The expectations are:

It must begin with a concise introduction wherein a problem is clearly identified–the thesis statement that is so crucial to a well-written essay. The body of the essay must be illustrative of the thesis statement, and the conclusion must be well-grounded in what has come before. Because essays questions often deal with controversies within the field law, students should be prepared to take a strong position when analyzing an issue and support that theoretically and empirically .

Assessment will be based on the following:

A· Your ability to write a fluent, cohesive, and analytical essay research paper based on academic standards. Essays should include introductory and concluding paragraphs and a structured argument supported by evidence.

A· Your ability to develop a good thesis sentence.

A· Your ability to address counter arguments.

A· Your ability to apply theory and define your terms.

A· Your ability to think critically, to articulate a clear argument and support it with reference to the readings.

A· Your originality and research skills.

A· Writing skills

As you can see, emphasis is given to counterarguments and the ability to reject/accept arguments based on their validity, etc.

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