Iscuss the constraints that developing countries encounter in participating global industrial trade

” Final year students are expected to undertake comprehensive research before writing their essays though you should try to be selective in the use of the research material.
” Essays must have an appropriate formal structure; i.e. introduction, main part, conclusions. Discussion, ideas and evidence should be organized around the main theme of the essay.
” Essays must have an appropriate contextual structure; e.g. logical consistency, an integrated presentation, a logical flow of discussion, statements substantiated with evidence, no disconnection between different paragraphs and sections, a focus on key issues.
” Avoid writing your essay in a pure summary form. Try to present the debate in a critical and original way.
” Essays must be typed, and proof-read to avoid minor errors regarding punctuality, spelling, grammar. Every paragraph should have, at least, three sentences and every section, at least, three paragraphs.
” Slang, colloquial words, contractions (e.g. won t, didn t) not to be used.
” When ideas and findings of others are presented an appropriate academic style of citation should be adopted; e.g. (Obstfeld, 1998:22).
” Each essay must have a full bibliography in alphabetical order at the end
Harvard referencing please and it is obligatory for us to use these references. Thank you.

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