Iscuss the controversial use of Apligraf(Graftskin) in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers

1. First paragraph: What is diabetic foot, what is diabetic foot ulcer, by what is characterized and briefly with what illnesses is it associated? ( 1 paragraph)

2. Second paragraph: Describe shortly the debridement, off-loading, management of infection and general treatment in diabetic foot ulcers. Use Paper A, Paper B and Paper C. Mention the role of the human skin equivalent Apligraf (1 paragraph)

3. What is Apligraft (aka Graftskin). Structure, method of manufacturing, indications, contraindications, adverse effects. What is going to be discussed. (1 paragraph)

3. Fourth paragraph and on: Description, analysis, critique of each paper in the order they re given. First Paper 1 then paper 2 etc. Description can be brief. Analysis and critique must be emphasized and concerns the content and the statistical analysis of each study commenting on weak points of the former ( e.g. content, statistical methods, sampling, randomization etc) in each study. Search for controversies ( e.g one study mentions good results while the other doesn t and why). The studies in the file  Abstracts are also to be used. Only the info included in their abstracts are adequate.

4. Compare and contrast the previous studies in terms of their content and quality in terms of weak points and controversies as mentioned before.

5. Referencing system : Harvard
( example: Horch, R.E. Kopp, J. Kneser, U. Beier, J. Bach, AD. 2005. Tissue engineering of cultured skin substitutes. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 9(3), pp 592-608).

Please note that all the papers are provided. Papers that only the info of their abstracts is adequate are included in the file Abstracts