Iscuss the development of Chinas Legal System including its difficulties and challenges.

Essay must include impact of customs and culture etc on development of legal system.

Include section on Philosophy inc. Marx (in Glenn Ch.9) plus INSERT my paragraph below:

One of the most striking differences in the philosophy of international relations (IR) between the West and China regard state sovereignty. For example, whilst the European Union (EU) is informed by Enlightenment ideals that seem to allow for imperialism, Chinaas values can be summed up by her Five Moral Principles, which are as follows: mutual respect for sovereignty and territory; non-aggression; non-interference; equality and mutual benefit; and peaceful co-existence. Anything else would be perceived semiotically as unilateralist and exploitative. In short, China wants to increase wealth but without taking on the values of the West. This view is not confined to China but is similar to Russiaas stance since Putin was elected in 2000 (Golden 2006). These differences in IR theory are extremely important as they inform the extent to which China is able or willing to allow itself, and hence any legal reform, to be influenced by outside forces including international organisations such as the United Nations (UN) and the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Also include (in no particular order) History of Chinaas Legal System Since 1947 (Lubman Ch.4), Chinas Accession to the WTO (Liu), Regional Trade Agreements such as ASEAN and ASEM (Foster and Reiterer) and EU (Fox a lots of legal stuff). Also United Nations inc the fact China are UNSC P5.

How have these outside influences influenced changes withinin the internal legal infrastructure? Or not? I will upload documents I think may be useful. But apart from Essential sources please feel free to use what you think is best. NO EXTENSIONS CAN OR WILL BE GIVEN SO PLEASE ONLY ACCEPT THIS PIECE IF YOU CAN DEFINITELY COMPLETE IT IN TIME USING IN PART THE 4 ESSENTIAL SOURCES SPECIFIFED.


Harvard referencing using only solid academic sources.

Body of the essay must be c.4000 words.


The Chinese Commercial System-Patrica Blazey & Kay Way Chan-Dept of Business Law, Macquarie University, Sydney,Lawbook,2008.Chapters3,5 &6 (you MUST have access to this)

Legal Traditions Of The World-Sustainable diversity in Law-H Patrick Glenn-Oxford University Press-Chapter 9 (Available on Google Books)

The Legal Systems of the Peoples Republic of China-in a nutshell-Daniel K Chow-Chapters 2,3 6 &7 (You MUST have access to this)

A Quiet Revolution: An Overview of China Judicial Reform-Chris X Lim Asian Pacific Law Review Vol 4 Issue 2 (Summer 2003) (Will send to you)