Iscuss the dramatic role of the supernatural in macbeth.

TITLE: Discuss the dramatic role of the witches and of the supernatural in macbeth. How far do they influence the action of the play? How do they augment the atmosphere of the play? How far does it exist only in the characters?

INTRODUCTION: Write an introductory paragraph which could include issues like: Macbeth is about the fall of the hero through morally bad choices; in the 17th century most people believed that the powers of good and evil struggled to gain souls; this would grip the 17th century audience: how might it affect a modern audience? You may choose to plunge into the first scene of the play, giving a introduction to the world of the witches.

MAIN BODY OF ESSAY: The main body of your essay could be several paragraphs, perhaps scene by scene commentaries using dramatic points: consider how the witches and the supernatural happenings influence the plot of the play. Reveal the characters of Macbeth/Banquo and lady Macbeth: Increase conflict within and between characters; make vivid the reality of evilset in contrast to the good and innocent 17th century audience; by their theatricality heighten the suspense of the play and therefore the tension; contribute to the significantly to the mood and atmosphere of different scenes; use vivid and significant language, examples showing increasing disorder as a result of evil deeds; fascinate while repelling the audience by their repeated and often hypnotic use of rhymes and rhythms. Note use of prose too in scenes where witches or supernatural appear.

THE CONCLUSION: Round off essay try to make judgments overall.