Iscuss the dynamics and possible causes of domestic violence.

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Topic Discuss the dynamics and possible causes of domestic violence.
2250 words


a? An introduction may certainly be a single paragraph, it may also be two or three paragraphs long. Just as there is no paragraph requirement for an entire essay, neither is there a paragraph requirement for specific elements of the essay. Rather, paragraph counts are specific to the nature and scope of an individual essay.
a? Though the thesis does not have to occur at the end of paragraph one, it should occur early on in the essay before you begin to develop the body paragraphs.
a? Again, though a good thesis can be only one sentence long, very often, a two or three sentence thesis is clearer, more specific, and thus more effective.
Body Paragraphs

The purpose of a body paragraph is to develop and prove the thesis. Each body paragraph should make just one point that clearly develops and supports the thesis. In the same way that you have a thesis to indicate the point of the essay, you should have a topic sentence for each body paragraph. The topic sentence states the point of the paragraph, and all of the other sentences should support, develop, and explain that point. To develop body paragraphs, do the following:
a? Provide details and explanation
a? Give vivid examples
a? Cite statistics where appropriate
a? Include research as necessary
a? Be descriptive
A Note on Body Paragraphs and Transitions
Each body paragraph should be unified independently. That is, it should make sense by itself and be able to stand alone. However, it is just one piece of the essay, and it is up to you, as the author, to connect the body paragraphs together and relate them to the thesis. You do this by referencing key words or ideas from the thesis and using transitional words and phrases.


The purpose of the conclusion is to bring the essay to a satisfying close. You should avoid bringing up a new point in your conclusion and you should avoid lengthy and excessive summary. The most successful conclusions are thoughtful and reflective. After having presented your topic and proven your thesis, you want to be able to make an overarching statement based on that information.
Style tips
a? These are the instructors comments about writing expectations: Be concise,Write effectively,or Argue furiously.”
a? Present a clear, logical argument.
a? Be deep not wide.
a? Be analytic and critical (ask yourself: SO WHAT?)

Making An Argument
a? Make an argument. You must convince your audience. It is easy to forget this aim when you are researching and writing; as you become involved in your subject matter, you may become enmeshed in the details and focus on learning or simply