Iscuss the economic benefits of having a competition policy at the EU level

This assignment is very specific so please write this paper according to the instructions I have given below:

Please mainly refer to the Baldwin and Wyplosz textbook and also take a look at the other textbook I have mentioned above.

This assignment should NOT be written like an ordinary essay. I need this answer to be more like exam notes for me to revise from and write a model answer from. I need to use this assignment as a basis to revise from for my exams. Therefore please DO NOT write an introduction or conclusion. Just go straight into the points.

Please bullet point perhaps 4 or 5 (or more) economic benefits of having a Competition Policy at the EU level and then take time to expand on each of your bullet points and give further background detail and in-depth information to justify and explain your point. The information you give under each point should be quite in-depth. This will help me gain a thorough understanding of the issues/points you have written about for my exam.

Please also use graphs if its appropriate to illustrate your point.

Since this assignment is just to prepare exam notes for myself, it does NOT need to include references for the sake of it. Please only use specific references ONLY if a point you are trying to make can only be explained with the aid of a citation.

Many thanks