Iscuss the effects of Internet Radio on the radio landscape.

Assessment of the written components will be based on the following criteria:
1: Content: does it fully address the subject?
2: Analysis: have you drawn appropriate conclusions from the known facts?
3: Referencing: have you quoted from recognised academic texts and other sources?
4: Expression: is the writing clear, grammatical and communicative?
5: Presentation: is it well laid out, proof-read and clear to read and understand?
As our subject is based upon the written and spoken word, your use of language will be a factor in determining the grade for your essay. You are expected to be able to write good English.

Note: I want you to discuss question according to radio landscape in the United Kingdom. Also, please write the essay in Harvard Style.
These are the all books recommended by my tutor. However, some of the books are for the other questions. You should find books which are related to my essays questions. These are the books below.

Allan S (2004) News Culture. 2nd ed. Maidenhead: OUP
Allan S (2005) Journalism: Critical Issues Maidenhead: OUP
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