Iscuss the evidence that Phospholipase C zeta (PLC?) is the primary candidate for oocyte activation

The essay should be written in academic scientific way with no less than 3000 words excluding the references. All the essay should be cited (in text citation)with Harvard style citation. font should be 12 with double spacing. the structure of the essay should make sense and follow smoothly, starting with introduction, body and then conclusion. figures should be related to the topic and should be cited and well explained. sub headlines is required within the main headlines (introduction, body, conclusion). the hypothesis based on the topic should be supported with previous experiences and studies. Of course, plagiarism should not be exist al all. I have all the references you need but please feel free to get your own references as long as they are scientific papers or books and not we sites. In addition, I will provide you with two examples with the same topics as a guidelines for you. But please you can not copy or quote any thing from them, but just to give you an idea about the structure.
Thank you

Added on 26.01.2015 06:09

I am not Happy with the work at all. it is full of plagiarism and not well prepared. I have noticed that the writer have copied some paragraphs from the two examples that I provide him with, which is extremely forbidden because I will be expelled from the university by cheating from my friend. Please revise the whole essay and present it in your own words. I have highlighted the text where you should rewrite it in your own words, but also check the whole essay again.

There is no figures in the essay which makes it poor and weak. Add some relevant figures that support the argument. Please remove the figure you posted because it is awful just awful and poorly presented.

Do not take references from websites and do not mention any website in the references or in the essay at all.

The conclusion is very very short and not reflecting the whole idea of the essay or the writer opinion. Please rewrite it and organize it and it should be no less than 200 words.

Again DO NOT USE THE SAME REFERENCE AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. This is not a scientific way to writ the essay!!!


The deadline for the essay in due Wednesday. Please make it right this time and find the attach in the writer chat

thank you

Added on 27.01.2015 19:13

Thank you for your effort. Just minor issues. The first 5 or 4 lines of the conclusion is really vague and repeated. I need you to rewrit them in a clear scientific way and present new information to the reader (see the attached).

I have noticed that you have repeated on whole paragraph, so I have highlighted in red for you to erase it.

The last thing is I notice that you have no figures in the essay which makes the essay poorly presented. Please add one relative clear figure (photo or picture) and explain it very well and do not forget to add caption and legend to it.

examples of figures (no restricted to those): structure of PLC Z, an experiment that you mentioned….ect

Please do your best to finish it by tomorrow 10pm

Thank you