Iscuss the factors between Denmark and Solomon islands that responsible for increased and decreased growth rates within population.

Chose two of your countries, one high-income country (GNI/captia > 25,000$US)DENMARK and the
lowest-income country Solomon Islands (GNI/capita < 2,000$US). Write a typewritten, double spaced, two to three page (700-750 words) report that uses the data that (incomes, urbanization, female literacy, location on the Demographic Transition Model and population pyramids) to explain what you have learned about population growth from this assignment. Discuss: What factors seem to be primarily responsible for increased and decreased growth rates within a population, and how can they be explained? What seems to have the biggest impact on population growth? In your report be sure to provide specific evidence from the data collected in this assignment. You must also include at least one reference (APA style) to a peer reviewed journal article, and one reference (APA style) to our textbook. These must be relevant to our topic and clearly used as supporting evidence. In addition you can get some info from this website