Iscuss the health problems and health service issues associated with homelessness

a? Definitions of homelessness
a? Spectrum of housing need
a? Problem of a settings approach
a? Hard to reach groups
a? Housing as a determinant of health
homelessness is a major public health problem
a? The homeless are not an homogenous group.official and the a?unofficially homelessa
a? Homelessness is associated with increased risk of physical ill health
a Remember that this is not an homogenous group
a? A wide range of mental health problems are common in the homeless
a As above
a? Health problems might lead to homelessness
a? Organisation of health services around the homeless. Many are not registered with a GP and there are other barriers to accessing care such as previous experience of negative attitudes.
a? Health service provision needs to be co-ordinated with the work of other agencies. Need for specialist services with specially trained staff.
a? Homeless may have pressing survival and social needs and not prioritise their health needs
a? Social exclusion and stigma