Iscuss the historical, cultural and philosophical context of a 20th or 21st century art.

My art is going to deal with music. If you choose music, it has to be an album. Therefore, I chose Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles. My teacher made a couple of notes to us to maybe help out if we didnt understand the topic:
Regarding to philosophy think of religion, existentialism, Jungian theory, etc.
Regarding to Culture think of the age, gender, economics, race, etc. the time it was made
Historical when and where was the actual piece of art produced, other details relevant
Context why was it produced at the time? what is the reason that it was relevant?

Now, by THIS THURSDAY I need my THESIS statement because I need to write it down on a note card and hand it in to her!!! The actual paper is due 10 days from now.

MLA styled paper. Times New Roman font 12pt. (6-8 pages).


Any further questions, dont hesitate to ask! This is a HUGE grade. Thanks!