Iscuss the history (literature), art, sculpture, architecture, other archaeological i¬?nds, inscriptions, coins, and so forth abou ROMAN VILLAS

You are writing a formal, essay, in which you are putting forth an argument for which you
need to provide reasoned support. As such, you are to employ formal, academic language in your
paper. Your introductory paragraph should introduce the reader directly and clearly to the problem
you are addressing and what your thesis is. Besides observing correct grammar and mechanics in
your writing, avoid the use of the 1st and 2nd person voice and personal, subjective statements.
Speculation also needs to be avoided. Your style should be direct, concise, and coni¬?dent in your
assessment, and your ideas should be backed with evidence from the text and rational inference.
Support for your thesis must be presented in multiple paragraphs. One technique of argument
in your essay, is not only to argue positively for your thesis but also to argue negatively against
the opposite, but negative arguments should be kept to a minimum and be presented after positive
arguments. One i¬?nal technique is to try to foresee the problems which a reader might have with
your argument, and to try to preempt disagreement by arguing against possible criticisms.
A concluding paragraph is also required to summarize your preceding arguments and show how
they have led to your thesis. In your concluding paragraph you should reai¬?rm your thesis (but do
not simply restate it).