Iscuss the IMC used by a product of your choice.

Marketing Paper 4
Discuss the IMC used a product of your choice. Attach an ad from a magazine advertising the product you have selected on springboard or bring the ad to class,
1. Is the ad using product or institutional advertising?
2. Is the ad using Pioneer or competitive advertising? Explain
3. What is the adas creative objective (what the advertiser wants to communicate)? How does the advertiser go about presenting this objective?
4. What is unique about this product? Is the positioning of this product clear?
5. Does the ad interest (relates to) the target market? Who is the target market? Explain
6. Does the advertisement actually entice the target to buy or is the ad just a?cutea?? Explain.
7. What are some of the other methods used by the manufacture to promote the product? Give examples.
8. Does the company engage in any P.R. methods? Explain.
9. Is personal selling important in selling this product? Why or why not?