Iscuss the impact of debt on the housing market in the UK

 Is debt always a bad thing? Discuss the impact of debt on the housing market in the UK, with reference to:
Levels of personal debt
Home ownership
Housing Associations.

The assignment will be of 2000 words equivalence. end of the Assessment Criteria (essay)

Content (25%)
The paper must demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the topic and competence in presentation of material. The paper must be relevant: keep to the brief

Critical Analysis (35%)
The paper must critically evaluate the key issues, and you should discuss arguments for and against particular positions.

Structure (20%)
The paper must be properly structured; all sections must be clearly headed and marked with a coherent development of themes.

Presentation and Referencing (20%)
The paper should be typed or word-processed; all work not originally written by the student must be clearly referenced, using the Harvard system.

AVOID PLAGIARISM! Plagiarism involves using another persons work (including fellow students!) or the work of an organisation without fully attributing the source. This includes copying sentences,
paragraphs, and larger pieces without giving their reference. Make sure that you attribute any ideas that you have read about and/or that you directly quote. Direct quotation of text must be in quotation marks ie and be properly cited in line with common academic practice. There must be
a list of references and/or bibliography at the end of the paper.