Iscuss the impact of raising minimum wages on minimum wage earners and economy as a whole.

During the Fall semester, in addition to participating in class and recitation discussions, each student needs to select at least one economic issue of social importance and prepare a written paper: the paper should illustrate an understanding of the economic issue and depict why it is important. Academic writing style is required; be sure to use in-text citation and bibliography (please see an academic style guide…MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.). Also, papers are expected to be proof-read and free of typos and poor grammar. No late assignments will be accepted without a preapproved valid reason. All papers need to be submitted on the due date via Turnitin on Blackboard and in hardcopy at classtime.
An appropriate topic will be based on specific topics in the course and found in a current events newspaper article or report. This exercise is designed to help and check your ability to process information, systematically analyze the data/evidence and verbally articulate the information that you have learned from the class lectures, the required readings, newspapers, different sources of media and our class discussions. In addition to news sources to detail or describe the economics issue, it is expected that the paper will include three to five academic sources for the economics concepts and/or applications. A few sample topics that we will cover that are suitable for the writing assignment (detailed below) in this course are listed below:

Discuss the impact of raising minimum wages on minimum wage earners and economy as a whole.

In addition consider sources like the Economic Naturalist () or economics books about general issues (like Miller, Benjamin and Northas The Economics of Public Issues) or specific economic issue (like Rivolias The Travels of a T-Shirt, see ).