Iscuss the impact of social media on traditional media in relation to news production,delivery and consumption.

essay have a special place in scholarly communication because they are a compact form for developing an entire suite of skills: from researching, to formation of an argument, to page formatting and referencing (the latter being crucial to avoid penalties for plagiarism,and as an important aspect of the editing process). The main purpose of a research essay is to explore positions and arguments by reading, reflecting and writing about them.
You must write a 2500 word essay. This is a research essay, so please make sure you include in-text referencing (or footnotes) and a bibliography of academic sources as well as any other non-academic references. For an essay of this length, you will need at least 10 academically robust sources: journal articles, reports, monographs, edited books, and magazine or newspaper features. Wikipedia may be referred to as a starting point only, and is not considered adequate as a reference.
This assignment is worth 70% of your final mark. You will be working
toward fulfilling Learning Objectives 4, 5 and 6.

objective :

4. Demonstrate a capacity for research and critical analysis
5. Demonstrate an understanding of scholarly method
6. Demonstrate an understanding of the ethical issues and professional relationships
encountered in their chosen industry.