Iscuss the impact of volcano-induced climate change in Earthas history

Essays should be no longer than 1000 words.

Note that the title and references are not included in the word count.

Note that there are no right answers to the topics. I am interested in reading your coherent rational arguments in support of your point of view; a view that is supported by the literature where appropriate.
Your essays will be graded according to a variety of criteria including:
1. The (scientific) evidence provided to support your argument in terms of properly cited references;
2. The originality of your argument;
3. The conciseness and lucidity of your essay; and,
4. The style of language, the consistency of formatting and correct grammar.

Note that the course title is: Atmosphere, a chemical perspective. After reading this module, students will have developed a deeper knowledge and a greater appreciation of the atmosphere. They will leave the course with a general understanding of some principals of elementary chemistry and perhaps some insight into how science is used to guide government policy. Topics are varied, but include global warming, the ozone hole, air pollution, the Gaia hypothesis, eco-philosophy and environmental politics.