Iscuss the implications of a left and right error made on a report by a reporting radiographer in the UK

The essay needs to discuss how the error may potentially arise and the consequences (who is legally accountable) e.g.

* Referrer (GP/consultant) error made on the imaging request form

* Imaging radiographer using wrong marker left instead of right etc PA instead of AP

* Reporting radiographer: Assumes image and request form are correct doesnt pick up or query error made by another health professional or makes a human error and describes the wrong side.

DISCUSS what measures are in place to prevent errors occurring e.g training/audit/protocol/systems of work etc
relate to skill/ability/competence/delegation (role extension)

DISCUSS the medico legal responsibilities related to the practice of reporting in the UK including

*Reporting Radiographerin this role extension responsibility to maintain own skill and competence as well as acknowledge own limitations etc (refer to UK society of radiographers, statements of professional conduct/UK Health profession council responsibilities)

*Employer responsibilities and accountabilities to the employee (reporting radiographer) and patient etc including VICARIOUS liability

*Radiologist (gold standard for reporting) delegation of the reporting task to a reporting radiographer responsibilities and accountabilities negligent due to inappropriate delegation?

DEFINE NEGLIGENCE and discuss its application in this circumstance

American psychological Association 5th Ed referencing

UK journals preferred (Preferably within the last 5 years)

All journals to be Athens user accessible

minimum of 1 reference per 100 words