Iscuss the implications of long and short term tracheostomy tubes on physiotherapy patient management.

Please consider addressing the following points:

a? What is tracheotomy ?
a? The pathological reasons for trachiostomy tubes
a? The types of trachiostomy tubes
a?Trachiostomy tube management by physiotherapists with some reference to the patient/carers/MDT involvement .
a?The psychological implications of trachiostomy tubes
a?Make reference to the acute and domiciliary settings

Can you please use research paper to explain how physiotherapist can be involved?

This assignment is intended to assess the following learning outcomes:
i § An ability to discuss the aetiology, pathophysiology, clinical features, complications and prognosis of a variety of cardiopulmonary problems.
i § An ability to justify clinical decisions and actions with reference to theoretical concepts and the available evidence base.
i § An ability to reflect upon the limitations of their professional role and to negotiate responsibilities with a multidisciplinary collaborative framework.
i § An ability to communicate information, arguments and analysis effectively, in a variety of forms, to specialist and non specialist audiences.
i §Adopt a self directed and responsible approach to own and others professional development and study.

Referencing Requirements: