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Chrysler Group LLC began awarding the Fiat franchises to some of their dealers to bring the Italian car brand back to the US after a 25-year absence. The company plans to pick up 165 dealers and expand to 200 sometime next year. The plan is to offer the franchise and is considering solicitations from non-Chrysler dealerships. Chrysler and Fiat SpA, both run by Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne, will introduce the Fiat 500 subcompact into US showrooms in January with the aim to sell 50,000 of them by the end of the year. One Chrysler dealer said a?I think Fiat will appeal to a whole different clientele.a? The car sells for $15,500.

Chrysler is giving the car buyers something they donat usually see these days; a dizzying array of options and feature choices. Three versions a Lounge, Sport and Pop, 14 exterior colors, 14 seat covers, six wheel styles, and a range of graphical designs that can be applied to the caras body panels, allowing customers to make their Fiat just about one of a kind. All told there are about a million combinations.

Chrysler hopes that the chance to individualize the tiny 500 will draw a wide range of customers from teens buying their first car to baby boomers downsizing to a smaller vehicle.

Discuss the implications/challenges to operations for Chryslersa introduction of the Fiat.