Iscuss the importance of Interactive Whiteboard to engage multiple intelligences theory in a primary classroom

Length: 6000 words up to 30 references (30%books and 70% journals articles) NO web link at all.
High Level of Critical arguments and analysis (argues, synthesises, criticizes, and reflects). Please keep critical writing and evaluation.
Relevance to children in primary school, teachers informed the research question.
Currency: more up-to-date, use references up to 2000.
Avoidance: of huge gaps.
Please use more than two evidences to clarify each idea. Also, introduce diversity against views of writers then write your view as third person after every point. However, avoidIpersonal.
Use the source which I have sent it because it is recommended by tutor.
Add appropriate references which are related directly to the assignments question.
(Cohesion) and (Coherence):
Please make sure every point lead to another point also, every section lead to another section.

a? demonstrate an intensive & critical appreciation of the relevant literature & theory;
a? investigate and report on practice in the topic area;
a? show an active synthesis between learning undertaken in reviewing the academic discipline and the investigation of practice;
a? use appropriate academic referencing conventions.