Iscuss the importance of user involvement in the delivery of high quality medical imaging services

Title: Discuss the importance of user involvement in the delivery of high quality medical imaging services. Introduction: In order that the NHS fulfils its potential, there is an increasingly strong belief that patientas views should be sought in the design and delivery of services. It is suggested that patients and service users are best placed to decide on decisions about their healthcare. There is an increasing body of evidence espousing the benefits of user involvement in health care delivery and planning. To this end, a succession of policy documents, guidance and research on how this may be achieved have emerged. It is therefore essential for those staff working within the NHS to have both an awareness of how to involve their patients effectively and also have an understanding of how it will ultimately improve patient services.

Your assignment must address all of the following points
a? What is meant by the term a?user involvementa
a? Specific government documentation supporting the need for service user involvement.
a? The implications of user involvement for Radiographers and imaging departments, in terms of:
o Management
o Service delivery
a? Any associated advantages and / or disadvantages to both the NHS and specifically to imaging departments.
a? Radiography specific examples of user involvement opportunities currently documented within the NHS or other healthcare settings..
a? Examples of where it may be possible to improve the uptake of user involvement in imaging departments.

This assignment will be assessed according to:
1. Your ability to collect information, present it logically and communicate clearly and professionally using appropriate language.
2. Evidence of the use of appropriate and up to date literature, which has been critically evaluated and accurately referenced.
3. Your ability to demonstrate an understanding of the issues surrounding user involvement in healthcare delivery.
4. Your ability to provide relevant supporting examples to all arguments presented