Iscuss the influence that graphic design has on popular culture and consumerism

Please note that this outline is for a 6000 dissertation and it should be like a research plan . Below i posted an example of how i want the outline to be like.

( you should provide an indication of what will happen in your introduction, chapters and conclusion with a one or two paragraph description for each section (with suggested word counts) and a copy of your bibliography in progress)

This is the example:

6000-8000 word written study (100%)

Draft Title:
Shelf life: Is popular a?female identitya created by stylists and editors of contemporary fashion
& lifestyle magazines?

Approx word count 1000
i · Definitions of identity
i · Explanation of the title i.e. how identity has become a shelf bought commodity
i · Why this is an important area of study a
i · State which magazines are to be studied and justify the choice
i · State what issues are to be addressed in the course of the study, and the questions
that these topics raise
i · State which authors you are going to refer to/deal with
i · State the main aims of the work a what I hope to find out
Main Body
Approx word count 6000
Chapter 1: Readership
i · Discussion of reader profiles for each magazine a age job etc
i · Statistics a circulation readership demographics etc.
i · Discussion on specific target markets addressed by each magazine
i · Marketing theory a explanation of methods a banding and coding principles
Chapter 2: Structure style and content
i · Each magazines definition of style (compare and contrast)
i · Current Beauty editors (of the magazines) a their personal stamp
i · Organisation of information a visual aesthetics a use of imagery a use of space
i · Editorial a written style/language a topics covered a
Chapter 3: Body Morphers and the wannabe
i · Analysis of editorial images in the magazines, and the reasons the public buy into it
i · Reading the photographic images
i · Selection and frequency of models used
i · Discussion regarding styling a its importance and influence on
i · the reader
i · the fashion industry
i · the cosmetic industry

Approx word count 1000
i · Summary of main points raised in the study
i · Reiteration of important facts explored throughout the work
i · The significance of the primary research
i · Identity versus a?Looka the blurring of two definitions
i · The way forward a magazine format a editorial a image making & content
Books journals and other academic sources consulted during the period of study

Please inform me about the writers Id so i can use him as preferred writer for the final dissertation!

Iscuss the influence that graphic design has on popular culture and consumerism

Please use the outline you have written as a guide.

The following list is a suggested order of contents a not all of these
sections may be relevant to your study:

Title page (Standard Front Cover
Contents page
List of illustrations
Main body
Illustrations (if not incorporated in the text)
Appendices* (for full text of interviews, statistical summaries, etc.)

Please include illustrations when discussing a visual aspect-
illustrations can either be incorporated into your text or gathered at the end of your
study a choose one method and stick to it, be consistent. Illustrations must be listed at the
front of your study after the title page in a List of Illustrations. Give each illustration their
title (where possible) and list author (where possible) and the source of the illustration.
Refer to your illustrations both in your List of Illustrations and within your text as Figure 1,
Figure 2, etc

DonaYt put illustrations in to your study and expect your reader to
understand why they are there without further comment. Dissect an image, provide
insightful comment and analysis about what your illustration means.

Your Bibliography should include:
all the books you have read (even if it is only one chapter)
all the websites, magazine, journal, and newspaper articles you have used