Iscuss the issues of equality and diversity that might apply in Nebyats case.

Focus on two or three of the issues from diability, ethnicity, and religion that might apply in nebyats situation.

Case Study
Nebyat Yemane was born in Eritrea in 1949. In 1997 she was on a bus which drove over a
land mine and she was injured. She now has little movement in her right arm and is hard of
hearing. Two years later, Nebyat left Eritrea and came to the UK as an asylum seeker (she
was granted asylum six months later). She was housed by the local authority in a flat and
settled in well, making friends with other women in the block of flats, who had also migrated
from Eritrea. Nebyat lived alone because her husband had been killed in the conflict at
home; her only son had been killed on the journey to the UK. Last year, the local authority
re-housed Nebyat, since the flats she lived in were to be demolished as they were in a very
poor state of repair. She was moved to an area where most of the residents are White (she
would describe herself as being a Black woman) and has struggled to make friends. Her new
flat is much a?nicera than her old one but Nebyat feels that she does not fit in where she is
now. English is her second language but she feels she speaks enough to a?get bya although she
sometimes struggles if people talk very quickly. Nebyat is a religious woman who, at home in
Eritrea, attended an Eritrean Orthodox (Christian) place of worship. Here in England, she
has tried to attend a service at her local Christian church but, whilst the minister was very
welcoming, she found the conduct of the service strange (it was not at all as it is done at
home) and so she has been too shy to go back. She misses the sense of community and
comfort that her religious observance gave to her.

Assignment Criteria
Inclusion of relevant and accurate material in a reasoned and evidenced discussion of at least two, but no more than three issues of equality and diversity that are applicable to this case specifically.

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Can use any of the references below or others you can find.

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