Iscuss the key challenges for social workers in working in partnership with parents and protecting children in Northern Ireland

The assignment should be structured with a focused introduction.It must be a critical analytical essay which draws on the specific legal and policy context in Northern Ireland,for example The Children (NI)Order, The Area Child Protection Committee,Childcare 10 Year Strategy (Office of First Minister,Deputy First Minister,)The Human Rights Act,The UNOCINI (Universal Needs of Children In Northern Ireland).Brief descriptions here should be supplemented with your interpretation and analysis of the practice implications for partnership and protection.

Should also consider evidence based research and UK social work literature which reaffirms that the more complex the needs of the child,the greater the challenges of partnerships.Specific analysis of the forms of abuse and the fact that physical abuse and neglect are the most prominent (backed up by research and statistics).

Must have the underlying debate and arguement;does theoretical and legal mandate of policy really follow through when working in partnership with parents and protecting children in Northern Ireland.Here it would be great to include and back up with evidence from Harry Ferguson on child protection.

Reflection on the challenges in working within the Northern Ireland Social Care Code of Practice in child protection work, for example the use of authority,parents rights versus childrens rights,working in partnership,assessment process.
Findings of recent child abuse inquiries: Victoria Climbie,Baby and Daniel Pelka and implications for social workers here in Northern Ireland.What can be learned from these findings?For example the need to think the unthinkable and misguided complianceImportant that Munroe Review is intrinsically analysed as well as Lord Lamings report.

Finally threaded through the need for multi disciplinary context for family and child care social work.

*It is important that the essay achieves a really high level of critical reflection and analysis throughout.More than mere description!

Referencing Requirements:
Harvard referencing exclusively and citations,year and page number must be referenced throughout body of assignment.