Iscuss the key features of effective corporate decision making and assess how well these are being applied in an organisation you know well.

This essay should have form of an academic report. It should be based on a review of academicliterature supplemented by otherrelevant documentary sources, with the overall aim of making good practice recommendations for workplace implementaions. Reports are directed at busy people, they therefore incorporate features to aid the busyreader, such as title and contents pages, a brief executive summary at the beginning, and, through the main body of the report,clear headings and sub-headings,tables and text boxes.

Referencing Requirements:
M.Armstrong A handbook of Personnel Management Practice”
M.Marchington and A.Wilkinson Human Resource Management at Work”
The remainig 4 sources might be journals, other books and internet academic sources.A
An appropriate referencing, in text citations must be used.