Iscuss the key guiding principles which should underpin a successful Destination Management Strategy, using relevant examples.

For this assignment we are required to discuss the key principles which would make a successful destination management strategy. We are required to use real world examples using promotional material and websites to run against the theory, however we MUST use academic journal articles as references when discussing theory. This essay is meant to discuss academic theory and analyze it using real world examples. I will upload the official assignment brief on the next page, along with an outline which I have started and would like the essay to follow. I will also include a number of sources that I would like to be used in the essay (more, similar sources are required). Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions that arise while writing the assignment. PLEASE NOTE: whoever writes this essay must have background knowledge on DMOs (Destination Marketing Orginizations). The attached file titled assignment briefing includes the essay question and should answer any questions you may have. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. The other two attached files are most of the background knowledge that we have for this essay. Please look over lecture one and pay a bit more attention to lecture 2 as it explains some of the content that should be included in the essay. Please do not cite any of the lecture presentations as sources.
The outline I uploaded is just a guide to make sure you write it in a way that first includes theory about the principle, then includes real live examples which support or oppose the academic theory. The categories I have placed for the organization of the essay was just my idea, feel free to add more categories or change them up if need be. Also please note that for this essay we were given the choice to pick a particular destination to discuss as an example, or use many different nations to use as separate examples. I think it is easier to use examples from different nations, however if you decide to make it on one nation, include a brief introduction about the destination in the introduction section of the essay. Lastly, on the lecture 2 powerpoint that I have attached, there is a reading list at the bottom, feel free to use those sources as reference in the essay.

*PLEASE NOTE*: this essay will be severely checked for plagiarism so please please please ensure that I am the only one who receives a copy of this assignment!

Thank you!