Iscuss the long-term effects of the Columbian Exchange on culture, environment, and the economy in the Eastern and Western hemispheres.

Deadline and Deliverable

By Saturday, November 9, 2013, choose and respond substantively to one of the discussion questions posted below. Submit your response to this Discussion Area. Your response should include a clear argument supported by cited evidence as well as your own explanation of what that evidence means and why it is relevant to your post.

Steps to Success

Please use scholarly, college-level research sources to respond to this assignment, including the textbook, class lectures, relevant primary sources, and/or journal articles from the online library. If you use websites for your research, they must be reputable scholarly sources.

You will find some of the most reputable scholarly sources in our Online Library. The following sites are not to be used for this research: Wikipedia,, Answersplease, InfoPlease, Sparknotes, FreeEssays, etc. The goal here is for you to locate credible materials and to provide your analysis regarding those materials.

If you use an outside link consider the following:

Journal of American History
For more visual learners, Common Place has a running graphic novel about Reconstruction called Ithaca: