Iscuss the main aetiological factors that have been cited in the literature for the development of hallux rigidus.

” Font used should be Verdana size 11, double spaced.
” expected to support and justify the points raised in your discussion by referring to a variety of journals/ texts, A minimum of 10 referenced research articles is required.
” Marks will be given for general presentation and appropriate tense, style grammar. Inclusion of tables and illustrations is encouraged.
” Ensure correct use of the Harvard system of referencing Compare and contrast the views of different authors when discussing the arguments for and against each of the aetiological factors.
” Current research and a critical and analytical approach will be appropriately rewarded.
A minimum of 10 referenced research articles is required
Ensure correct use of the Harvard system of referencing.
Podiatry Dept Latrobe University

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Journals/ Symposia-

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” Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association
” Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery (British & American)
” Foot & Ankle International
” Clinics in Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
” Orthopaedic Clinics of North America
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