Iscuss the Marketas Impact on Ethnicity in china.

Criteria & Marking:
The criteria for assessing essays are:
1. Structure: Addressing the topic, introduction and conclusion etc.
How well is the question conceptualised? Are the aims and content of the essay made clear at the beginning? Is there a clear argument with supporting rationale? Does the conclusion perform the function of summarising the link between question, arguments and implications?
2. Evidence of Research, and sophistication and originality of arguments.
Is there evidence of extensive research? Are the arguments sophisticated and original or are they mainly reproductions of arguments from existing literature?
3. Empirical Rigour
Analytical generalisation must be confirmed with empirical evidence. You should avoid making sweeping, unsubstantiated assertions.
4. Notes and Bibliography
Is it well referenced? Students must consistently use a major system of citation. Do all sources cited in the essay appear in the Bibliography? Does the separate bibliography contain all neccessary details? Students are expected to consult other references besides those on the reading list.
5. Plagiarism
Instances of plagiarism will be taken seriously. The Griffith University policy on plagiarism can be found on the GU website and students should familiarise themselves with that policy.