Iscuss the media representation of terrorism and its effects on public perception and government policy

preferred writer id #16679, this is a international relations and security studies.

Work through this check-list

1: Introduction
i??i Concise explanation of questioni 
i??i Outline of essay structure & main arguments
i??i Indication of anticipated conclusion

2-3: Structure and Content
i??i Selection of appropriate materials
i??i Relevant background information
i??i Clear statement of major argument
i??i Discussion of supporting and opposing evidence
i??i Analysis supporting and justifying the argument

4: Presentation
i??i Clear and consistent formatting of text
i??i Careful checking of spelling and grammar
i??i Proof-reading

5: Research and Referencing
i??i Consultation of a range of relevant resources
i??i Clear and consistent referencing throughout the essay
i??i Full reference list at the end of the essay

6. Conclusion
i??i Summary of major argument
i??i Reminder of principal evidence supporting your view
i??i Clear statement of how the argument addresses the question

You are required to write one essay selected from the titles below. The assignment should be 4000 words in length. You should submit your essay on the submission date and as per the submission guidelines on Blackboard.

A· Do NOT write your name on any part of the essay.
A· On the front page include:
a) Your Student Number
b) Module
c) The essay title
d) A word count (not including the reference list)

A· Word process your essay:-
a) Set the text at one and a half spaces
b) Format paragraphs clearly, leaving a space after each paragraph
c) Number the pages

A· Reference your essay using the system outlined in your course handbook.

A· Include a correctly set out reference list.

Students who fail to follow these guidelines may lose marks.