Iscuss the relationship between the orthodox and the marginal, referring closely to at least two texts we have discussed on the unit.

The title of this unit (for English literature, final year) is Renaissance Period Study, so the writer should bear this in mind when thinking about context.

From my unit handbook: your essay should be coherently organised, analytical in approach and show evidence of research. You should support your arguement through close reference to the texts. Edit your work carefully before submission, paying particular attention to the coherence of your discussion, the relevance of your points to the essay question, style, punctuation and grammar…folow the APA guidelines for presenting academic work when preparing your essay.
Preferably making reference to both Shakespeare and Marlowe, please use either 2 of, or all of the following texts (any edition):

Marlowe The Jew of Malta
Marlowe Dr Faustus
Shakespeare Richard III

Secondary sources are up to you!