Iscuss the relevance of psychology in everyday life

Would you be able to re-write my essay but include references, quote any scientific research and/or theory. Use scientific language throughout and use 1st or second person.

Here is the essay I want to re-write.
Psychology is the main subject in our everyday lives. It helps us solve difficult situations because whatever we do and whenever we do it, that is the mind making us function, act and think in that certain way, even if it is good or bad. For example, we can Go into the mindof a criminal just to understand how he/she became that way and why they have acted the way they have. Psychology has made us understand that in everything we do has a background story that has affected us in our present and maybe the future. For example, many rebels or criminals have become who they are today mainly because they were deprived as a child and had no real lessons on life as they grew up. So they have not made attachments to anyone or they have made late attachments that has affected the way to love or express themselves in a way that they think is right or more expression-able. Adoption studies have found out that children who made late attachments become more angry later in life, less sociable than normal children, make not much contact towards other people and are very closed off towards society. Without psychology we would not be able to see these insights of why rebels or criminals became the way they are (or one of the reasons.) Without psychology we would have not understood the reasons on why people turn into criminals and punish them instead, this would also not benefit the society because they would not understand why criminals became like who they are and would not be able to try and prevent less people to become more criminals and to change criminals into a better person.
Psychology is not only relevant but also important in our daily life, to understand psychology means you can understand your own mind and body and better yourself but not only do this, you could also better the lives of other people. You learn how to become more understanding and would know how to act in certain situations due to the knowledge on what type of situation it is. You can change your behaviour and change other peoples behaviour to become better and dodge complicated situations by predicting their reaction and if it would be a bad reaction then you can change the whole situation to the better.