Iscuss the representation of parent-child relations in the Iliad


The first essay in this course is the literary analysis of a single text. Choose one of the two topics below and write an essay based on that topic. Your paper must display the basic qualities of the standard academic essay covered in English 110 (Writing I) and/or English 111 (Writing II). In other words, your essay must have a central claim or thesis based on the topic. It must support or substantiate that claim with effective reasoning and evidence drawn from the text. The paper should make effective and judicious use of specific, direct quotations from the text to help support the thesis. Further, the paper should be well-organized; it must be clearly written in grammatically competent English; and it should follow proper MLA documentation and formatting procedures. Essays that do not have a thesis but rather just  talk about the topic and text or essays that do not provide reasons and evidence to support the thesis will not receive a particularly high grade. The same can be said for those essays that are poorly written and/or poorly organized. In short, the essay should be an effective demonstration and communication of your thinking on the topic.

Formatting: typed, double-spaced, 12pt font, paginated; MLA rules for citation and format

Title Page: no title page; please simply list: your name, course number, instructor name and date of submission in the top left and then begin your essay (with a title) below that information.
Name: Brian Retterer
Course Number: English 204
Instructor: Kline