Iscuss the representation of social and/or sexual differences in any one or two films by Bergman.

I chose as a Movie Summer with Monica, But I am open to any other suggestion if you know another movie of Ingmar Bergman. I would like to focus of the social differences, I know this a vast subject but I can touch of the different aspect of the subject but keep in mind that I need the essay:
Focuses on and develops an interesting topic; presents a particularly thoughtful or even original perspective
Has a coherent and convincing argument
Adopts an effective strategy appropriate to the subject at hand, such as a comparison, a controversial interpretation, a rebuttal, etc.
Has an effective introduction and conclusion
Gives specific examples to support the argument
Consists of focused paragraphs linked together with graceful and effective transitions
Is well edited with no or very few typos, grammar mistakes, wordiness, or word usage problems
Has a title