Iscuss the role and importance of the hospitality industry to the uk economy both now and in the near furture

Course Subject: Hospitality Management

Details of the assignment task(s) to include:

1. Rationale

Developing an understanding of the wide range and various key writings on the definition of and nature of the Hospitality Industry in a national context, with particular reference to the diverse clientele and outlets.

2. The learning outcomes being assessed

1. Demonstrate an understanding of accommodation provision, food and beverage production and service operations management principles as applied in real-world environments
3. Demonstrate the maturity and understanding necessary for independent learning and self development
4. Demonstrate the ability to analyse and interpret information from a range of sources
5. Demonstrate the ability to communicate key ideas and concepts in an effective, professional manner

3. Overview of assignment

Key Tasks:

1. to undertake research and to highlight key authors and statistics on this subject,
2. to compare and contrast the work of various authors and their interpretations,
3. to include a structure based upon:-
a. definition
b. contemporary intrinsic and extrinsic forces (e.g. differences between commercial and private)
c. academic debates and discussions
d. personal expressions (no first person references to be used)
4. Submit in essay format (Word guide no more than 1,000 words), and present for marking (Please do not use plastic wallets or punched pockets),
5. Ensure that the work is professionally presented (spelling, grammar, neat and consistent presentation etc) as well as accurately referenced.

References used and cited:
Adherence to the Harvard system; quantity, quality and relevance of sources cited