Iscuss the role of exchange traded currency options in risk management

Discuss the role of exchange traded currency options in risk management.

The report should be 2,500 words long (+ or a 5%) and in a style suitable for presentation to senior management. A word count must be included on the title page of the report. It must be word processed and double spaced.

Please make use of the Bloomberg in this coursework.

Your report should not exceed 2500 words.

Marking Guidelines:


Cover page Appropriate page format for report

Executive Summary a Should summarize the aims and key findings (5 marks)

Contents Page a Sections and page numbers

Introduction a 1 page introduction to topic (5 marks)

Literature Review a 2 pages summary of journal papers on exchange traded currency options (20 marks)

Applications/Case Study/Details of Contracts a Can include an application of currency options/ a company case study or general details and discussion of the different types of contracts (60 marks)

Conclusions a A? page conclusion of paper (5 marks)

References a (5 marks)

Thank you very much!