Iscuss the role of gender in shaping American national identity

I put down 3 sources because I must use 3 stories which are Maggie: a Girl of the Streetsby Stephen Crane, “Quicksandby Nella Larsen, and the poem The Restby Ezra Pound to discuss the role of gender in shaping American national identity, but other than those I do not need any other sources. Some of the questions the teacher put on the prompt are..How is gender produced in the social sphere? How do these texts interrogate or support the mascuinist assumptions of American national identity? How do they suggest that gender identification, much like national identification, is an imaginative act, and how do these literary texts contribute to that national imagination? The essay is to be a well-defended critical argument and make prudent use of well-analyzed textual evidence. Note that even though the questions ask to write about several literary works, it is to have one argument with a clear, specific, and argumentative thesis. This is not a book report so no summarizing is needed, but do contextualize quotations to remind the reader of a plot point or two. Incorporate quotations into your language making the paper flow smoothly.