Iscuss the role of NGOs in the struggle to maintain womenas rights in global governance

This essay worth 80% of my final grade and it is double honor. Please I really need help because If I do not pass it, I wont be able to graduate next month.

Please focus more on women rights and what unifem and wngos (women in NGOs)or you can search your own is saying about women rights and their position within the global governance. Which artcle or convention is dealing with the issue


What is NGOs?

Responsibilities of NGOs

Theory of NGO: pluralism and transnationalism: what is it saying about NGOs
Gender in global governance

Talk about different problem that women are facing in the society

Bring global governance: United Nations Development Fund for Women (herein referred to as UNIFEM): What are they talking about? Employability and Sex discrimination.

WNGOs (womenas ngo) : again what are they talking about? Booth arguing about womenas rights within the global governance, UN ect..

Please insert some feminism views about it.

You can criticise


Reading lists

1. Chickin a?The role of non-governmental organisation in standard-setting , monitoring, and implementation of human rights in Norman et al (eds) The changing world of international law in the twenty first century (1988) pages 45-66

2. INF-list.pdf words like a?womana. a?womena, mujer(es), a?femmea a?lesbiana, femininist in NGOs who are know to focus specifically on women such as the international Planned Parenthood Federation, or example

3. Clark, Friendman and Hochstetler a? the sovereignty limits on global civil society : A comparison of NGO participation in UN world coferences on the environment , human rights and women (1998) 51/1 world politics 1-35 at 4

4. Pietila and Vickers a?making women matter, the role of the united nations 1990

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7. /org/forum12/