Iscuss the role of public participation in environmental decision making with reference to international, EU and UK law

Although a general question, it will be more successful if we break it down into sections where we can individually analyse the role and meaning of public participation within the respective bounds of International, EU and UK law respectively.

I was thinking of an intro such as the following: Public participation, in the general sense, seeks to facilitate the collaboration of those potentially impaired or implicated directly by a decision, or those merely interested in said decision. In essence, public participation implicitly denotes that the publici??s collective contribution will influence the decision, as well as bestowing an unquestionable right onto all individuals that would otherwise have been directly affected by the decision. However, this is merely a general definition of such a theory, in reality, such a principle evokes an unquestionable degree of complexity. This essay, will therefore attempt to quell any such queries, by attempting to answer the following: then perhaps ask a few questions that you will subsequently answer.

1)evolution of public participation.
2)The differing roles and scope of public participation with regards to EU UK and International law.

3)the benefits of public participation
4)what needs to be done going forward
5) conclusion

something like this perhaps?

Need to talk about environmental sustainability.

Essentially, the same as last time in regards to format, but heres a re-cap anyway.

Bibliography must be split into sections for differing sources, i.e


etc… sources must be in alphabetical order and books or journals, sources that have authors must be written with the last name first, followed by any middle name initials and concluded with he initial of the authors first name. i.e the author Alan Boyle would be written as Boyle A.

3000 words (excluding footnotes and bibliography, we have a 10% margin either way so the word limit can go up to 3300.

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