Iscuss the role of Saudi Arabia in manipulating oil prices.

* i will be attaching a couple of documents regarding this dissertation. i would like for them to be used as reference.
* i already have an introduction/literature review for the dissertation which was written in essay format. all that remains is the abstract/methodology/conclusion.
* please use the graphs and tables in the documents provided, as well as from other sources such as Saudi Aramco, BP, OPEC, and other major Oil companies. ( a mix of 20 graphs/tables would suffice)
* please avoid quantitative analysis. this paper should be qualitative.
* this paper is essentially a case study
* please bridge between the introduction attached and the remainder of the paper (23 pages excluding the introduction attached).
* please provide a table of content, bibliography, appendix, and all other professional touches.
* please feel free to contact me via email, or telephone if the website platform is inconvenient. thank you.